Friday, September 3, 2010

Beat the Shoe Blues-Get 30% off your Custom Order

This afternoon Atelier Shoes made a quick trip to some of our favorite shoe stores to get a sense of this fall's style options.  And, to put it mildly, it was a gloomy day.  Plenty of black, brown, beige and boring to choose from, but nary a stitch of color.  Talk about a case of the shoe blues!  
Babs Shoe with Teal Leather and Brown Snakeskin Accents
Now, we get that even the most liberal spenders are watching their wallets a little more closely these days, but we really, really want to see some fun-loving feet on the streets this fall.  So, we've decided to extend a "Color Me Original" gift to our biggest fans for the month of September.  From now until the 30th, get 30% off a custom-designed shoe online order by entering the promotional code "Beattheblues" at checkout.  Incorporate brown if you must, but pick yourself out something a little more fun!

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